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New Tehri Dam , New Tehri Tourist Place !

This is the only region which came into existence by a well-planned project in the state of Uttarakhand. The town was set up while the Tehri Dham was being constructed. New Tehri is the headquarters of Tehri Garhwal. New Tehri town is perched at a height of 1550 to 1950 meters above the sea level. Old Tehri is just 24 kilometers away from here. Here is a massive Dam and an artificial lake. New Tehri was built after when the Old Tehri region was submerged. It is located on the bank of the Tehri Dham. Tehri has also been the Capital of Tehri Garhwal during the British Era in India.

New Tehri town is very attractive as it is built at the meeting points of the Bhagirathi and Bhilangna. To build the Dam at Tehri was not safe enough. This was the main reason to develop New Tehri. Population of town was shifted too to New Tehri for people safety. The site become so popular as it was protested against by the Sundarlal Bahuguna with their followers at the time of Chipko Movement. The area of Tehri Dam where the lake located is the largest Lake in Asia which is made by man power. This lake is capable of producing around 2400 MW electricity. The lake is about 260 meters deep in the water.

New Tehri Dam Tourist Place !

Tourists around the country visit the site throughout the year. This man made lake is the biggest attraction here which attracts number of people. The atmosphere is pleasant at the site. The minimum temperature in winters goes down to 4 degree Celsius. While in summers the maximum temperatures goes to 30 degree Celsius. So, summers will be the great months to make trips to New Tehri. During winter the weather is chilly so it is important to bring woolen clothes to protect from cold. Cotton clothes will be essential during summers.

The tourist attractions at New Tehri town can attract any one. The hilly town includes many tourism aspects like Tehri Lake, Bhagirathipuram and Badshahithaul. Tehri lake is also very popular as New Tehri Dam. There are two new markets as well which was developed after the new town, Baurari market and Kulna market.


New Tehri Dam , New Tehri Tourist Place, Tourist Attractions place . Subhom


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Top 3 Highlight To Visit New Tehri

Buda Kedar Temple

The temple is called Buda Kedar Temple, as it’s located in a village of the same name. It’s a must to visit, as the place marks the meeting of two rivers called Bal Ganga and Dharam Ganga. This is the site where Duryodhana (of Mahabharata) is believed to have meditated.

Surkanda Devi Temple

Another popular temple near the town of New Tehri is the Surkanda Devi Temple. To reach this temple, you need to drive over a distance of 33 km from the town. The temple is so named due to the fact that it’s located on top of a peak of the same name.

Khatling Glacier

During your tour to the Tehri district, you can spend a good amount of time enjoying scenic treks. Undertaking a trek up to this glacier proves to be a wonderful experience. You’ll need to cover a distance of 62 km from the town to reach the trek starting point -\

Success Tehri Lake Adventure Tourism.

Tehri Lake Adventure Tourism:

Safety Guidelines at Tehri Rafting

If you follow some basic precautions you can enjoy rafting safely. Rapids above Grade III+ are not suitable for children and senior citizens. Select proper lifejacket which fits your. Don’t use damaged of oversized life jackets. Don’t try to do rafting after sunset. Rafting is not safe in dark. Use mosquito repellants and lotions. Avoid perfume because it attracts insects. Water is sometime very cold so use cloths which is easy to dry.

Things to carry while Rafting at Tehri

Bathing Suit or Shorts, T-shirt or Sandos, Sunscreen Lotion, Antiseptic Cream, Sunglasses, Swimming Goggles, Old Sneakers / Neoprene, Waterproof Camera or Waterproof Bag for Camera and other devices, Energy Bars / Energy Drinks, Zip Lock Waterproof Bags, Towel and Extra Undergarments, Plastic Bags (for wet things), woolen cloths, Quick drying shorts or swimming costume, Sunglasses with retaining cord, Extra batteries and Ice Box.

Rafting Equipments

Life Jackets, Inflatable Rafting Boats, Carbon Paddles, Helmets, Dry Bags, Ropes and Rescue Throw Bags are basic equipments for Rafting

                                  Water Sports in Tehri Lake

  New Tehri Tourist Place         Subhom


  • Jet SkiWater Scooter on Tehri Lake
  • Banana RideEnjoy amazing a ride!
  • Water SkiingAdventure on Tehri Lake

Tehri lake give you the full adventure water sports in Uttarakhand. Tehri dam is biggest dam in Tehri. Tehri lake offers a different type of adventure programs water sports, Angling, Canoeing, Rowing, Boating, Water scooter, speed Boating, Rafting, Kayaking. Tehri is unique city which has something to offer for everyone. Tehri charm thousands of adventure lovers every year. Toward Tehri enterprise Tourism, we bring you the most recent and happening news something like the enterprise Sports In Tehri lake. Our group strives to keep individuals updated over those exercises toward those lake What’s more assistance them clinched alongside going by Tehri lake. A we gatherings give you those most recent data around those occasions at Tehri lake. River Ganges from the Gangotri glacier to Ganga Sagar is one of the most holy rivers in India. A number of white water rapids, creates wonderful opportunities for rafting which is rare in India. At Gangotri it is known as Bhagirathi but from Devprayag it is known as River Ganges when it merges with Alaknanda River. The River Ganges is like a part of Indian culture and civilization. River rafting is a adventure for not only adults but it is also safe for children as well. To enjoy rafting you don’t need to learn swimming. Rafting can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. High quality equipments and expert guide and instructors will ensure your complete safety. rafting to Tehri.


Success is largely a matter of holding on after others have let go.
Jet Ski Tourist Sport.

Places to visit near New Tehri Dam

  • Tourist places

The most visited places that are actively maintained are Devi Kunjapuri Temple, Chandrabadani Devi, Shri Adinath Digambar Jain Mandir, Mahasar Taal, Sehstra Taal, and Khatling Glacier. Some areas of Tehri are view-able but neglected by the Uttrakhand government, including Panwali Kantha, Belhbagi Bugyal, and Khait parvat. Panwali Kantha is one of the most popular treks in Uttarakhand which is listed by Outlook Traveller in their write-up. These places have the potential to attract tourists for trekking and mountaineering.The new district headquarters at New Tehri can be looked at as a future tourist spot where views of Tehri Lake can be seen. Located in the proximity of Tehri Garhwal, Narendranagar is a tourist attraction where visitors can see the River Ganga and Doon valley.

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How To Reach New Tehri

New Tehri happens to be the headquarters of the Tehri Garhwal region. Due to this reason, it remains quite well connected with the surrounding cities and towns both inside and outside the state. Given below are some useful pieces of information on how to reach New Tehri. If you have any doubts about reaching this place, feel free to get in touch with out travel counselors.

Reach Tehri By Air 
The nearest airport to New Tehri is Jolly Grant airport, located at a distance of 93 kilo meters away from the area. While the Jolly grant is about 23 kilo meters from the capital town of Dehradun. Being a domestic airport it has well networks with New Delhi airport. New Delhi is an international airport which avails convenience to the tourist of abroad as well. Flights run from Delhi to Jolly grant airport on a regular basis.



Reach Tehri By Rail (By Train)
Train is the widest mode of transportation throughout the country. A huge number of people travel by train regularly. This is one of the convenient and beautiful sources of journey in India. The nearest railhead to New Tehri is placed in the hilly town of Rishikesh. The Rishikesh railway station is at a distance of 75 kilo meters from New Tehri. Motorable roads are also well joined with New Tehri. Taxis are available at the station to many cities of Uttarakhand state.

Reach Tehri By Road (By Bus)
Buses also offer transportation services in India. Long distance is also covered easily by private and state bus services. It is the headquarters of Tehri Garhwal region so it is well connected with most of the major towns in the state, like Haridwar, Rishikesh and Dehradun.


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New Tehri Dam Distance Chart By Road

Distance from various travel destinations to Tehri Garhwal in Uttarakhand India.
Distance chart from Delhi NCR Mohan Nagar Mussoorie Dehradun Haridwar Rishikesh Chamba Meerut Chandigarh to Tehri Uttarakhand India.

  • Tehri to Delhi – 312kms
  • Tehri to Rishikesh – 75kms
  • Tehri to Haridwar – 98kms
  • Tehri to Devprayag – 64kms
  • Tehri to Kanatal – 34kms
  • Tehri to Pauri – 85kms
  • Tehri to Dehradun – 102kms
  • Tehri to Mussoorie – 70kms
  • Tehri to Chamba – 17kms
  • Tehri to Barkot – 91kms
  • Tehri to Uttarkashi– 77kms
  • Tehri to Roorkee – 134kms
  • Tehri to Dhanaulti – 42kms
  • Tehri to Narendra Nagar – 29kms
  • Tehri to Meerut – 241kms
  • Tehri to Srinagar – 55kms
  • Tehri to Rudraprayag – 68kms
  • Tehri to Lansdowne – 162kms

New Tehri Dam , New Tehri Tourist Place



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